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What are generic drugs?

After inventing a new medication, the company gets a patent which sets exclusive rights to sell this drug for a fixed period of time. The manufacturer starts to advertise that prescription drug, promoting it to the market and gives it a unique “brand” name. The Company can sell patent rights to other manufacturers, and each of them may sell this medication using different names. When term of patent expires, any willing company can manufacture this prescription drug without paying any patent fees. Such medications are called generic drugs.

Generic is a cheap prescription drug

Generic drugs work exactly the same as prescription drugs. They use the same active ingredients and are shown to work the same way in the body. More over generics are cheaper. And this is explainable. Manufacturers of brand drugs spend a lot of money in scientific researches and advertising. Buying patented prescription medications, you pay not only for drugs themselves, but also for their promotion and beautiful wrapper. And the overpayment is huge. Some pills may cost 50 times more than their equivalent generics!

Manufacturing generics drugs

Many generics are manufactured in India. Don't be afraid of it. India is the world leader in manufacturing various types of generics, including prescription diet pills, blood pressure medication, sleeping pills, drugs for depression, birth control pills, pain medications, slimming pills, asthma medications, impotence medications and many other. The Indian legislation allows copying prescription drugs even before the term of their patent expires. That's why a huge pharmaceutical industry was created in India. The largest amount of generics drugs in the world is manufactured in India.

Cheap drug doesn't mean low quality drug

Cheap prescription drugs are not counterfeited or low-quality prescription medications. Some generics can surpass original ones, if a manufacturer uses a better technology. As a result, a consumer gets prescription drugs of very high quality. By buying FDA approved medications, you can be sure of their effectiveness and safety.

Furthermore, each organism has individual reactions on prescription drugs. Some people prefer genuine medications; others find generics to work better. That's why many people buy generic not only because there are cheap prescription drug, but because they find it to work better.

A well-known American non-commercial organization published a report of their prescription medication market research. It's stated there, that many new brand prescription drugs, claiming to have “better formula” don't in fact have it. Those medications, manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, don't differ or differ slightly from previous generation of pills. And they are not better for sure. According to the report, only 35% of prescription medications had new active ingredients. And there were only 15% of really new prescription drugs, containing new chemical ingredients and being able to improve the quality of treatment.

This means that pharmaceutical companies are more interested in making money. Slightly changed drugs cost more and gives more revenue, but often don't treat better as advertised.

So when you buy a new “improved” prescription drug for higher amount of money, you get the medication that differs from generic drug only by its known name.

Why are generics so popular?

Every consumer wants to buy high-quality, effective, safe, and not expensive prescription medications. If the quality of pills complies with FDA standards, it doesn't matter if you take brand or generic drugs.

That's why generics are very popular in many countries. At the present time generics drugs share up to 70% of local pharmacy markets. Generic drugs are well sold in USA, many Europe countries and Japan.

Generics are indispensable! If there were no generics, many people couldn't afford prescription medications, and brand medication manufacturers wouldn't bring their prices down.
Generic Drugs