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Is WorldMedConnect a pharmacy?
No, we are not a pharmacy. We work with businesses and consumers, bringing them together. We provide a service where interaction and transactions can take place between businesses and consumers. We help you (the buyer) connect with pharmacies (the seller) in an effort to give you access to affordable medications from a source you can trust. We take the risk out of purchasing medications online and eliminate the possibility of fraudulent transactions from occurring. When you place your order online using this website, your funds are held in a merchant account. If there are any problems with the transaction, we will investigate further on your behalf in order to try and resolve it. We will protect you as a client and require the pharmacies to either reship your order or we will issue a refund. In these regards you can rest assure that you are always getting what you paid for.

Do I require a prescription to order from an international Pharmacy?
Our service provides access to international pharmacies and it differ's from country to country with regards to the requirement of a prescription. To make shipping go smoother the international pharmacies would prefer that a prescription be provided  though they will still ship an order without a prescription. Customers are responsible for meeting there countries import laws.

It is very important that you know not only what you are ordering, but how to use it, the side effects, and potential reactions it might have to other medications you may presently be taking. These are all questions best addressed by your doctor, but if you have any questions please email us at
Email Us  with details and we will pass the information to a pharmacist who will do their best to assist you.

Can I buy more than a three month supply at a time?
Yes and no. It depends on the products that are being purchased, their size, the destination country, and the stock situation at the point of purchase. In the majority of cases ordering a 3, 6, or even a 9 month supply of medications will not pose a problem, but the pharmacy reserves the right to request additional shipping charges if the order is too large to be covered by their typical shipping fee. In this event we will contact you to confirm before the order is dispatched.

How much does each Pharmacy charge for shipping and how long will it take?
The pharmacies charge from $10.00 - $35.00 USD shipping depending on order size and destination. The shipping times are estimated at about 4 weeks for the U.S.A  / Canada / Europe - Shipped by Registered Airmail and about 10 - 14 business days or less for EMS mail..

Why is the Pharmacy's prescription prices so low?

The United States is the only country in the world that doesn't put restrictions on what manufacturers are to charge for their medications. It only makes sense that the rest of the world is going to offer the same medications for less, so why pay more? It matters not where you order as they all come from the same manufacturers and since our service only works with fully licensed pharmacies, you can rest assure that you are ALWAYS getting genuine products.

How much money will I save when I order from your website?
Most patients save 40-90%, which can be hundreds of dollars per visit.

Are the drugs mailed to me the same as what I get from my local pharmacy?
Yes and no depending on what you selected. Some drugs have different brand names due to marketing decisions made in their country of distribution (For example Pfizer markets Paxil as Aropax in New Zealand). Also in some countries the medications come packaged differently than you may be used too. A typical example would be a blister pack instead of a bottle, or vice versa. Lastly the medication you will receive is generic medication and the medications will look different due to patent laws (it would be illegal for a generic manufacturer to make the medication look identical to the brand name). Generic medications have the exact same active ingredient as brand names and will have the exact same effect, they just tend to be much cheaper as they do not have to spend the money for research and marketing costs.

What is the Pharmacy's return policy?
As we are not a pharmacy but only a service provider between you and the pharmacy, it is our job to protect both parties during the transaction. When placing an order with our service it is very important that you understand that once a medication has left the pharmacy, it cannot be returned for any reason. If the pharmacy ships you out the wrong medication by mistake they will send you a new shipment immediately to compensate for the error.
If the pharmacy fulfilled their part of the contract and sent out what you ordered but for whatever reason you no longer need or want the medication, no refund can be given.

What happens if I cancel my order with the Pharmacy?
If the order has already left the pharmacy unfortunately we can not issue a refund. If the order is still in the pharmacy then there will be a  cancellation fee as per the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

What does your Service accept for payments?
Our Online Service accepts international money orders and cashiers checks. We don not accept personal cheques.

How do I place an order for multiple people living at the same household?
To save on shipping and processing, the Pharmacy is more than happy to send multiple prescription medications to a single household address, even if the medications belong to different people. For example, a husband and wife could order both their medications at once and only pay the shipping and processing fee once.
The ordering process is the same whether you order for one person or many. You simply search for all the medications you would like to order, follow the signup instructions, and then fill out the address you would like them sent too. We will then take it from there and match the prescriptions sent to us to the medications ordered, simple as that!

If I don't see my prescription medication on your price list, does that mean you don't carry it?
No. The pharmacy carries a much broader selection of prescription medications than those listed. If you don't see the drug you are looking for please email us - 
Email Us

How long will it take for me to receive my prescriptions by mail?
Please allow at least 4 weeks for registered airmail delivery and 10-14 business days for EMS - Speed Post shipping if available. If the order is delivered to your address but no one accepts it or responds to the post office's notice to pick the package up, it is then returned to sender. Once it has been returned to the pharmacy it will be reshipped to you at an additional shipping charge. So please be ready to accept your order or go to the post office if the delivery attempt is unsuccessful and they leave you a notice telling you there is a package at the post office.

What happens if my package is lost or delayed by customs?
From time to time customs does a random inspection of parcels from various sources being imported into the US and other countries. This is part of their routine. They should notify the intended recipient with a letter if the package is held, and they may hold them for a week or more before releasing them. If your package is not released from customs you can be issued a refund less the amount of $10 - $20 for dispensing fees and the shipping costs for your order. You must realize that there is the risk of your order being held by customs because you are ordering outside your country. When you order you are accepting responsibility and assuming some risk of loss should the order not be released. A replacement order will be sent if the first order is not released. You must allow at least 4 weeks for customs to release your order. Lost orders shall be reshipped. Should you request a refund and not accept the replacement order you will be refunded the amount of your order less a $10 - $20 dispensing fee and the shipping costs. Should the second order also be lost or held by customs and not released a third order will not be sent and a refund will be issued less a $10 - $20 dispensing fee and the shipping costs.

What happens if my package is delayed by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)?
From time to time the FDA or other government agencies will detain and inspect parcels from various sources being imported into the US or other countries. This is part of their routine. If a package is held they should immediately send a letter by Regular Post to the intended recipient with a contact number. This may take up to 10 days to arrive. The FDA should return the medication package to the dispensing pharmacy. When the clinet notifies us a replacement package will be sent, which takes approximately 4-6 weeks to arrive from the time we are notified. We will do our best to make sure that the clinet receives their medication.

If the buyer wants to cancel an order after payment has been processed but before the goods have been shipped, it is subject to a 7% holdback charge on the refund. If the order has been shipped then it cannot be cancelled.