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Important: Please note that WorldMedConnect.com is not a pharmacy. You are not purchasing medication from us but from a pharmaceutical supplier.

We work with pharmacies and consumers, bringing them together. We provide a service where interaction and transactions can take place between pharmacies and consumers.

We assist the pharmacy as a marketing service and consumers as a consultant and escrow payment service. We provide an intermediary service between the pharmacy and clients.

We currently work with a licensed pharmaceutical supplier in India who dispenses medications to people that place orders through our service. Our job is to act as a escrow payment service between you (the buyer) and the pharmacy (the seller). We assist with every aspect of the transaction except filling and shipping the order. We do our best to make sure the transaction is done with the utmost quality and service, from order taking, receipting of orders to emailing tracking numbers and providing communication between the pharmacy and the customer.

When you place an order though our escrow service, we hold your funds in an account where they will sit until the pharmacy completes the order. Upon successful completion of the transaction between you and the pharmacy, funds are eventually released to the pharmacy. If there is a problem at any point during the transaction, we will give the pharmacy a chance to rectify the situation and if they do not, we can refund your money.

We're here to help you acquire medication from a reliable source.

We will do everything we can to help the ordering process go as smooth as possible.

By working closely with both the supplier and buyer we can help resolve any issues that might arise in  between both parties.

Should you require information about placed orders or receiving shipments we will assist you in getting the information from the supplier.

Important info for people who place an order with the suppliers using our payment processing service.

Our payment processing service allows you to make payment for orders to suppliers by money order. In other words we will accept money order payment for orders on behalf of suppliers.

Please note that Worldmedconnect.com is our main website .

To read information about placing orders with suppliers using our payment processing service please go here 
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