The pharmacy is ready to accept your order without a prescription.
**Please note that the pharmacy will not ship controlled drugs or drugs containing pseudoephedrine **.

Drugs are FDA Approved. This means the drugs supplied by the pharmacy are manufactured in FDA approved facilities in India.

Who is the dispensing pharmacy?

View the pharmacy info by clicking the word "Pharmacy Info" to the left of this page.

Please note that all medication is subject to availability. If the medication you order is not available you will be notified.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you can't find a drug on the price list please contact us and we can see if the pharmacies have that drug.

To learn more about this please go here.
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We work closely with you and the supplier to help with communications. This will ensure things to go smoothly for order placing and shipping. We perform all customer care services and payment processing for medication suppliers. If you have any questions about medication orders or shipping please contact us. (Idios Enterprises) will be responsible for all correspondence between you and your supplier.
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